Combining traditional old world herbalism with modern science,
Herbalore is committed to therapeutic formulations that support lasting lifestyle changes.


We specialize in the line of first generation multi-purpose supplements and formulations aiming to address multiple issues at once. We believe in permanent lifestyle changes; transforming the body on the cellular level while aiding the necessary nourishment and detoxification without harsh cleanses and unrealistic dietary restrictions.

Our line of products are formulated and produced in New York in a cGMP certified US facility. We have tested the formulas beyond the FDA regulatory guidelines to meet our high standards. We are all natural, non-GMO, chemical free, gluten free and vegan.

Created by Medea Juhasz, a former luxury fashion industry executive and certified holistic health coach, Herbalore is inspired by both her studies of nutrition and her personal journey. Witnessing her own total health transformation put Medea on the path to formulate Catalyst Gold, an all-natural superfood supplement with a prestige appeal.

“I subconsciously started developing my first formula, Catalyst Gold almost a decade ago. Although I recovered from addiction issues, I couldn’t get rid of my extreme sugar and fatty food cravings. I had liver damage, digestive issues, ulcers, a weak immune system, allergies and recurring sinus infections. I was a lifelong binge eater and overweight. Desperate to find the “magic pill” to curb my cravings, heal my liver and fix my digestion, I began studying nutrition and herbalism along with different dietary theories in search of curing myself through natural medicine. I started experimenting with adding herbs, minerals and back then barely known superfoods to my daily routine. A few months later without diets or self-deprivation, my cravings vanished; I felt energized and was able to switch to a plant-based diet. I started losing weight, my liver and digestion improved and my acute seasonal allergies disappeared. I perfected the doses of the 15+ supplements, teas, and powders I consumed every day, being motivated by the incredible longevity and anti-aging “side effects” of my routine.

The two comments I hear the most, “I would like to live a healthier lifestyle, just don’t know how to start” and “Wish I could have the willpower to eat healthier”.

I have zero willpower, and I was completely clueless at the time I started my health journey. My mission is to change the way people eat and think about a healthy lifestyle being hippie and/or difficult to maintain. I believe if people are given a vehicle to make a health resolution into a permanent lifestyle, they will. I partnered up with a state of the art NY lab-manufacturer to create Catalyst Gold, a kick-starter supplement for those who are new to the wellness party.

Imagine if an addict with acute digestive issues, weak immune system and liver damage was able to heal, how the Herbalore formulas will transform your health."



Photo: Krisztian Eder